I believe that, regardless of the career path they end up choosing, all students benefit from learning how to think critically about life and societal challenges from a humanities perspective. As teacher in an academic field dedicated to the study of workings of human societies, I aim to provide students with a set of intellectual skills that will enable them to both reach their potential and to operate empathetically in the world. Furthermore, as an Asian studies educator, I am also committed to providing evidence-based pedagogical approaches that may inspire a lifelong curiosity and engagement with the broader Asian region. I hope that from the courses I teach, students will gain a greater understanding of diversity and historicity in Asia, as well as a more general awareness of the importance of open-mindedness in their assessment of various social phenomena.

At Singapore Management University, I have taught the following courses (those highlighted in colour are courses I’ve designed, either on my own or with a colleague):

Exploring Asian Identities (GA001)

Global Asia Study Mission (GA305)

Southeast Asia: Past and Present (IDIS010)

InterAsian Mobilities (SOCG227)

History of Southeast Asia (GA203)

Managing Diversity in Asia (GA205 SMU-X)

Global Asia Independent Study (GA307)

I am also the Coordinator of the SMU School of Social Science’s Global Asia second major program, an area-focused interdisciplinary second major committed to social science scholarship that studies contemporary Asia within a global context.